About Us

Hope Thru Housing; A comprehensive, 24 month, residential drug and alcohol treatment center and aftercare program located in Columbus, Ohio.

The HTH program philosophy is based on the Therapeutic Community principles of self-help and individual empowerment. Key elements of the program will include work based vocational training, education, communication, peer counseling/mentoring and leadership skills development.

The HTH residential drug and alcohol rehab program serves a population with a history of chronic drug and alcohol abuse from a wide variety of racial, economic, and educational backgrounds. Through a therapeutic process, barriers will be broken down and residents will look to one another for support regardless of their backgrounds.

Hope thru Housing House

Although the resident is responsible for their recovery they may not be responsible for the root cause of this disease. They will have to work hard to develop the skills and strengths needed t achieve the final goal of a clean and sober life. Hope Thru Housing offers a safe and disciplined environment for recovery to take place.

HTH provides its services free of charge to the resident.  While in the program, we provide you with food, clothing, housing and personal care items.

You can help make a difference.

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